"What draws me to portraiture is a genuine interest in people and those distinctive elements that make us who we are. My aim is not to create a technical replication, but to create a piece of art that allows the character of the sitter to shine through.


My work is concerned mainly with the human condition and is an intuitive response to the complex and yet pure elements of character. My ancestry (with roots in both Europe and Asia) is integral to my perception of people and acts as a useful barometer through which to appreciate individuality; helping me to move beyond the mental constructs of stereotype and paint something that connects to the essence of a person. Each painting embarked upon has a unique underlying narrative, which is in itself an artwork in its own right."


To enquire about any of the artwork you have seen here or if you are interested in commissioning a piece of art, then please feel free to contact me at: art@fayepearsonjones.co.uk.

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