This beautiful, eye-catching design looks as if lots and time and care has been taken over it. The fine detail and delicate pattern is quite mesmerising! It was created by young artist, Aleshandra Sheldon.



Tiger Eye

Such a striking image and wonderful colour by young artist Natalia Sheldon. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, well you certainly feel drawn into the gaze of this magnificent creature!



Self Portrait - AH

It's not often you see a portrait that is both reflective and full of joy. This really brings a smile to your face, the faraway look, the confident, lively marks, the attention to tone and composition. You wouldn't get tired of looking at this piece. A real artist in our midst!



Portrait - MP

Such a gorgeous, inspiring portrait, so full of character and personality: Michelangelo's David meets the Pre-Raphaelites, but with more colour and pizzazz! I like the generous features and wavy mane of hair,  each mark filled with emotion. There's a statuesque quality, bold and purposeful that makes it strong and timeless. What a beauty!

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